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Bacon and Veggie Fried Rice

This tramping meal uses dehydrated rice and dehydrated veggies from my previous blogpost.

Into each small press-seal bag, place:

  • 65 grams of cooked and dehydrated Basmati rice

  • 15 grams of dehydrated mixed veggies

I took along a small vacuum-pack of lean bacon to cook with this meal (I froze it and wrapped it in newspaper to keep it cool, and we ate it on the second night), but you can easily replace the bacon with chopped salami, or leave out the meat entirely. If you do, you may want to add some other flavour-booster, like a stock cube or some herbs/spices.

To prepare:

  • chop the bacon into dice and gently sauté in a little oil* in the pot

  • add the rice and veggies, along with 3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons of water

  • stir and bring to the boil

  • reduce to a low heat, cover, and simmer for 1-12 minutes or until water is fully absorbed. Stir for the last few minute of cooking to prevent sticking

* it's always handy to take a little plastic bottle of cooking oil with you, just make sure to have a good sealing top and maybe double-bag the bottle just in case of leakage!

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