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Tania Vincent
Hello and welcome!

I'm Tania.

I'm an Associate Registered Nutritionist.  I'm enthusiastic about real food and health, and I can't stand pseudoscience and dieting.

No trendy food fads here, just honest, evidence-based advice.

Nutritionist, Mum, dark chocolate enthusiast, kitchen experimenter and vegetable garden wrangler.

Nutrition Counselling


Thrive Nutrition offers nutrition counselling services to help clients achieve their health potential through improving their  diet.  

This involves a thorough nutrition assessment and personalised advice to support client goals.

As I am registered with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand, you may be able to claim the cost of your consultations under your health insurance. Check your policy for details.

Nutrition info, recipes & tips 


You'll find articles on popular nutrition topics, some tasty and nutritious recipes, along with some tips to save a little time and money in the kitchen. 

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Want to navigate the supermarket and make food choices to better manage your diabetes?

Come on a Supermarket Tour with me and I'll share some tips & tricks to help you take control.

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Want to get nutrition info straight into your earholes?
I produced 13 episodes of my podcast - it was broadcast on Plains FM, and soon you will be able to listen to these episodes through the podcast tab on this website! (coming soon)